Book launch - Making it public in style

Celebrity and  friends of authors Dr Khan and Carole Malone flocked to the clinic on Harley St. to help celebrate the launch  of this fantastic book and new Venture to help people of all walks of life TURN BACK TIME.


“I had a great night at the launch for TURN BACK TIME.
As a singer vocal health is paramount. Everything can affect the voice, food, drink and exercise.
The TURN BACK TIME programme is really comprehensive; Dr Khan’s plan covers all areas of the body. I’ll be reading the book this weekend!”

Quote Nancy Sorrell

We were so happy to come along and help launch this great brand,  as an Ambassador for Harley St Skin I’ve been lucky to be able to see first hand what amazing results you can get from the TURN BACK TIME plan, how Carole has not only lost weight  but her zest for life and her energy levels have gone through the roof as well. Jim and I would both love to congratulate Dr Khan’s TURN BACK TIME!

Quote from Carole

What a great evening ” I’ve heard people talk about their
” journeys” and I never really knew what it meant – till now. I’ve been on a journey with Dr Khan and I feel like I can conquer the world. I’ve lost weight, I feel great, people tell me I look great. But this for me isn’t just about what dress size I am any more. It’s about how my body is going to look after me for the next 20 years. And I promise you – I’ve Turned Back Time. You can too. Come join us! ”

Gary Cockerill and Phill Turner

We have known Dr Khan and Lesley for over  11 yrs and they have Turned Back Time for us along the way  and continue to do so we have alway been big fans of Carole Malone  and to see her go through this amazing transformation has proved to us that we can all  enjoy ourselves and look a lot younger for longer if we follow the TURN BACK TIME advice.

Melinda messanger
Melinda Messenger

…ah such a shame to have missed the TURN BACK TIME Launch at Harley st skin clinic … I’m a big fan of the programme that  Dr khan is developing in the way of eating and healthy living, his thorough attention to detail and always looking at what’s possible… is what makes him so good.

Sandi Gogglebox

I found fame sitting on my best friends couch eating take out and watching TV and i loved it but now i need to get in shape and thats why im going to HARELY ST SKIN and taking part in the TURN BACK TIME plan cant wait to start training, no more TAKE OUT for me more like TURN BACK!!

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