Turn Back Time Online resources is perfect for anybody who is ready to try out the lifestyle based on cutting edge Genetic research that can literally increase your life expectancy.

So if you want, lose weight in a controlled way, lower the chances of chronic diseases, increase mobility or simply to stay fit, and healthier for longer you are in the right place.

What do you get?

A kick start to Turn Back Time

Changing habits isn’t easy and a structured start to your new lifestyle is crucial to make your goals attainable.

Have a look at what you can have access to on a daily basis to help making the right decisions so much easier.

Turn Back Time TV

Get the latest updates posted every month from our resident personal trainers. Giving you the best workout methods to complement your new lifestyle!

TBT shopping list, inspirational menus, and seasonal recipes

Eat what keeps you young. We will show you what to stock your cupboards and fridge with. Discover new dishes that you and the family will fall in love. Get tailored menus that suit your dietary habits and match the requirements from your DNA results.


Get full access to the progress of Carole Malone

Each month Carole will post several blogs about her journey, giving you personal insight and inspiration for you to keep up with the lifestyle of the future and keep turning back your biological clock

Learn directly from Dr Khan blogs and live webinars

Doctor Khan is ready to champion the TBT lifestyle at every chance. So for those weeks when you may slip into old habits the Doctors blogs and live Q&A webinars will help you discover why and help you develop strategies to overcome them in the weeks ahead.

Nutritionist and much more…

Our resident Nutritionist will keep you inspired with information on your shopping list so you know what you are putting into your body and why.

All this from £9.99 per month