What you can expect

Our DNA Test offers a comprehensive array of results which will give you a thorough insight into your current wellbeing, what we can do to improve your quality of life and offer an overall clarity on your past family, habits, present and future  

Here are the factors that the Turn Back Time DNA testing will cover.

  • 2 Exercise recovery traits
  • 6 Metabolism traits
  • 6 Muscle strength traits
  • 3 Power performance traits
  • 5 Endurance traits
  • 3 Joint Health traits
  • 6 Metabolism traits
  • 3 Food sensitivity and breakdown traits
  • 2 Hunger and Weight traits
  • 4 Vitamin metabolism traits
  • 4 Addictive behaviour to food traits
Health and Wellness
  • 31 Disease Conditions
  • 53 Carrier Status Conditions
  • 12 Drug Response genes
  • 6 Wellness Tests
  • 11 Traits
  • 11 Addictions
Genetic Traits

Other results covered include

Ancestral Genetics

Find out your ancestral origins are long-held associations of who we are and where we came from.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has the potential to protect the body from various diseases. We include 2 of the The most accurate Vitamin D Test on the market

Haplogroup Testing

Haplogroups are ancient family groups dating back tens of thousands of years.

*Comprehensive blood Mineral and Vitamin profiles are available on request

*Senior male and female profiles are also available on request

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