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Hi, my name is Carole and I’d like to invite you on what I hope is going to be an incredible journey. Now some of you might already be rolling your eyes  at the word “journey”, but don’t worry – I’m not taking you on some Happy, Clappy Hippy trail where we’re all wearing open -toed sandals and waving joss sticks.  In this case “journey” is just a word to describe what I hope we’re going to experience together – adventure, an impossible dream (which with Turn Back Time is suddenly possible) unbelievable life changes,  thrills, disappointments, realisations and – I hope – lots of fun.

I’m 63 now but I don’t want to LOOK 63. And I certainly don’t want to FEEL it., and I’m determined I won’t. Thirty years ago 60 meant the end of attractiveness, of sexuality, of womanly-ness. It meant a twice yearly (curly) perm, flat shoes and elasticised waists.  And while I can’t deny there have been many times down the years when I’ve had to resort to the elasticated waist I’m determined that it won’t happen again.


I don’t want to be Forever Young. I certainly don’t want to be a sixty-something trying to look 40. And I don’t want to wear mini skirts with thigh length boots (actually scratch that – I do. And I DID for the back cover of our book) But I DO want to look the very best I can for my age. And maybe have people gasp a bit (in a good way) when I tell them how old I am. With Turn Back Time I believe I’ve found the way to do that.

Turn Back Time…My Lifestyle Changer

I’ve lost nearly two stones so far. But even though Turn Back Time is the magic ticket it still hasn’t been easy because I’m battling a lifetime of failure.  Believe me when I say I WILL let myself down again. But I also promise you I will pick myself up and carry on because I’m not giving in to obesity or to old age.


So, please come with me on this journey. I’m going to look at EVERYTHING and writing about it EXCLUSIVELY here, that will make us look and feel better. I’m going to look at the stuff that affects our bodies, our faces, our heads.

I want us to collectively stick two fingers up at the advancing years and   say “You might be coming for me – but you’re not getting me”. And please I’d love you to write to me with specific problems you might be having and let’s see if we can solve them together.
So come on – let’s do it. Let’s Turn Back Time together!