“This book is the perfect blend of information and application, allowing you to apply knowledge that I have accumulated over years of practice to help transform lifestyles”
“Learn how to protect your health for the future with expert advice from Harley Street doctor, Dr Aamer Khan in this honest, practical, non-nonsense guide.”


  • How to dramatically increase your life expectancy through nutritional intake and exercise
  • Spot and Avoid things that are not good for your health
  • Know what foods to buy and eat to help Slow and reverse your aging process
  • Understand what constitutes as an active lifestyle
  • Effectively engage all necessary muscle groups to stimulate and sustain your Telomere’s

Here’s a sample to whet your appetite, explaining Why I wrote this book, and what we have set out to achieve!

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This book also features Carole Malone

One of the UK’s leading  commentators and national newspaper columnists for more than 30 years; she fought her way through Fleet Street as one of the only female  writers in that era to huge success. She prides herself on honesty, transparency and getting to the gritty facts of a story or debate.

She brings a real authentic and relatable feeling to the book. Allowing the reader to understand the the journey will be hard but the system is here for all that want to follow and live a longer healthier life.

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